Why dating in your 30s is NOT a hot mess

Have you seen those memes about the dating pool when you’re over 30? The one’s with the grimy water-less pool,  filled with molding junk? Hella funny! But, not entirely accurate. Continue reading “Why dating in your 30s is NOT a hot mess”

Are naturalistas obsessed with length?

Today is my nappyversary. Its 3 years since the big chop and not a single regret. I am excited for my natural hair journey, how far I have come and where I am going. I am sharing a few thoughts based on a conversation that I had with a friend a few weeks back. It went a little like this:natural hair

Continue reading “Are naturalistas obsessed with length?”

Do you have an obligation to tell your social media followers that your post is sponsored? 

Before I started my blog site, Of Curls and Colour, I was somewhat unaware of the workings of social media. I would see a person I follow rave about a lipstick or a hair product that she had used and loved and think that the views expressed were always sincere. Little did I know that she might have been sent that product to review or as a gift.  Which brings me to a potential moral dilemma; as a so called influencer, are you obligated to tell your network that the product you raved about was sent to you? That the lippie you love so much is actually an ad? Continue reading “Do you have an obligation to tell your social media followers that your post is sponsored? “

Are you dream chasing, paper chasing, or lucky enough to be doing both?

I am of the belief that while I am making a living and building a career, I also want to have a positive a social impact in my chosen field. This has been, and remains one of the driving forces of my career choices. I often have debates with the people in my life about why I focus more on passion and less on money. Don’t get me wrong I like being paid as much as the next person but I also have an altruist personality, which has me balancing the money and passion. Continue reading “Are you dream chasing, paper chasing, or lucky enough to be doing both?”

An Ode to the Sisterhood

Its almost the end of August (women’s month in SA) and I cant let it pass without an ode to the many amazing women I cross paths with.

Shall we start with a bit of history? I’ll keep it brief. On the 9th of August, we celebrate National Women’s day in South Africa. This auspicious occasion in commemorates the day on which thousands of women marched upon the Union Buildings (the seat of government) in 1956 to protest unjust pass laws. The laws required South Africans, of African ethnicity to carry special documentation that restricted their freedom of movement. This show of unity from women of diverse backgrounds is celebrated throughout August. Continue reading “An Ode to the Sisterhood”