Hair Width: What it means for my kinky-coily hair

Hello everyone. It has been far too long since I wrote here. I am not impressed with myself. I get reminded to write here every April, the month I started this blog. I hope you are keeping well in spite of the current pandemic.

I want to share a few things I have learnt about my natural hair since I cut it again late last year (2019) that I hope will help you as you care for your natural hair. There are different ways of ‘typing’ hair. The most well known is the Andre Walker system (numbers and letters) that would say I have 4B/C hair, otherwise known as kinky-coily hair. In my opinion hair typing systems are not useful unless they help you to take better care of you hair. So when looking at hair typing, ask yourself how it will improve you hair care regimen. Below I am sharing a hair characteristic that has helped me to take better care of my kinky-coily afro and retain more moisture.

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5 Things to do in Kigali Rwanda in Just 1 Day

So you’re travelling and you have a lay over in Kigali or you’re on business and looking to squeeze in an hour here or there for site seeing. I recently had the chance to travel to Kigali and made every effort to discover what I could after my days formalities. Continue reading “5 Things to do in Kigali Rwanda in Just 1 Day”

Why dating in your 30s is NOT a hot mess

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Are naturalistas obsessed with length?

Today is my nappyversary. Its 3 years since the big chop and not a single regret. I am excited for my natural hair journey, how far I have come and where I am going. I am sharing a few thoughts based on a conversation that I had with a friend a few weeks back. It went a little like this:natural hair

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