Why I Cut My Hair, Again

I feel free. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Up until March this year, I had strong healthy natural hair. Over the past few months however I experienced terrible thinning and breakage. I took it for granted that I’ve always had strong hair. I experimented so much with product. If I saw it on YouTube or Instagram, I’d try it. I can tell you about almost every hair care product in clicks/dischem (stores in South Africa). I tried so many products that I actually forgot what my hair liked. I tried to go back on my own Instagram posts to see what I used when my hair looked and felt hydrated and strong and realized I couldn’t figure it out. I even read my own routine on this blog and realized it wasn’t very useful. Why was I being so cryptic when I wrote my hair routine post?

Trying to get my hair back to its previous healthy state became a chore, actually an obsession that led to lots of money and time wasted. Looking back, surely I’d lost my sh!t.

I thought about going all out and shaving bald but didn’t have the guts. Also thought of just braiding and letting the damage grow out but wasn’t prepared to sit for braids every few weeks, so this cut is my fresh start. My fresh start at a healthy hair journey. One with MINIMAL product use. Damn, I am not trying to use 5 different products to moisturize and retain moisture. There is no need. Most of the other stuff is really just nice to have.

So wish me luck guys. And as usual I’ll share, but this time more thoroughly.

Chat soon,


6 thoughts on “Why I Cut My Hair, Again”

  1. I already said this, but damn you really good❗️…..trust I will be following this journey very closely as well, as I just had my big chop as well, postpartum hair loss/damage worn this round


  2. now it makes sense… My hair seemed to grow longer and faster when I stopped worrying about length and all the do’s and don’ts. I felt free when I stopped trying to follow all the blogs and YouTube videos out there. 💋🌸 Cheers to new beginnings and past experiences which guarantee you a better ending😀🎈 … but we all know, the hair journey never ends💥

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