Women’s Month Natural Hair Feature- Tamala

Tell us about yourself

I am a fit-bunny by choice and an attorney by profession. I love all things health and fitness. On a good gym day, I can squat 50kg.

How long have you been natural?

About a year and a half.

Did you big chop or transition?

I took the leap and just chopped. In fact, it was so spur of the moment that my hubby (then fiancé) chopped it for me. We didn’t even use a good pair of scissors suitable for cutting hair.

What inspired your natural hair journey?

My hair was breaking and overall unhealthy.  I was no longer having fun with it. But I was mostly inspired by ofcurlsandcolour, I knew my natural hair was in good hands

What’s the one hair care item you cannot live without? And why?

I recently started co-washing and realized the magic that is conditioner. I find that my hair feels softer and is better moisturised when I co-wash.

What advice do you have for the woman who wants to ‘go natural’?


One female role model and why she inspires you

My sister, she is confident and doesn’t take sh*t from people, no matter who they are. I often use the phrase WWJD where J is her middle name hehe.

Disclaimer: Tamala was not paid or otherwise coerced to say lovely things about her sister.

You can follow our legal fit bunny  @tamchil on Instagram.

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