Are you dream chasing, paper chasing, or lucky enough to be doing both?

I am of the belief that while I am making a living and building a career, I also want to have a positive a social impact in my chosen field. This has been, and remains one of the driving forces of my career choices. I often have debates with the people in my life about why I focus more on passion and less on money. Don’t get me wrong I like being paid as much as the next person but I also have an altruist personality, which has me balancing the money and passion.

My friend once said to me that I need to chase paper while I am still young and open a foundation when I am over 60 to make me happy. It’s all fun and games when we argue like this but there is truth in these discussions. This truth is that, we have different drivers for our career aspirations. I took a jab at what some of these drivers are, based on interactions in my social and professional networks and came up with these four guys:

  1. The “fcuk it, I came here to make money! That’s what I will do, no matter what.” She is driven by late nights, early mornings, Red bull in her coffee and thrives in high performance environments. She often has her hands on numerous ventures at once. This girl is so cut throat, she will demolish an orphanage to erect a bank (slight exaggeration but you get me).
  2. The “do I have food? Yes. Do I have shelter? Yes? Am I managing to make ends meet? Yes.” This girl is all about doing just enough to get by. She is happy to go to her 9-5, meet expectations and go home. No desire to work late. She is comfortable and content.
  3. The “mmm what will I eat for supper tonight? Popcorn or toast?”.  She is all passion. In fact it does not get more passionate than this. She loves what she does and invests blood, sweat and tears into her craft, whilst drawing joy from a job well done.
  4. And the rare breed of , “I have so much money at the end of the month and man do I love my job”. This girl is my dream girl. Maybe one day I’ll be her. She has reached the balance between chasing paper and living her dream.

There is none more superior than the the other, but there is need to understand which you are, in order to find fulfilment in your career.

Which guy are you?

3 thoughts on “Are you dream chasing, paper chasing, or lucky enough to be doing both?”

  1. I could be number 3 bur I”ve never had to choose between popcorn and toast. However amidst the moaning and whining about weekends lost, I have thoroughly enjoyed my township adventures. Keep thinking surely this is what that masters was intended for…


  2. Depends on the time of the year lol! I can relate to all of them, but there is nothing better than being able to do what you love with great remuneration, spiritual and earthly (monetary).


  3. Lol!!! I guess I am number 1. I am juggling bout 3 ventures…It used to be 4 before the kids. I feel kinda stressed if I am not busy. This had led me to resign from a well paying job just because I was bored.

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