LED Facial Treatment, My Experience

An  aesthetics boutique opened a short distance from my office.  Who can resist such temptation? I picked up a brochure and skimmed over it for a couple of days, pondering and calculating.  Weighing up this and that, until I decided why the heck not? Let me go for a consult and see what happens. I’ve been to the dermatologist for my skin on different occasions (check out this post) and thought it might be worthwhile to try a different approach for my oily, acne prone skin.

I booked an appointment at the aesthetics boutique. I connected to the warm presence of the aesthetician who was friendly and  attentive to my needs. The doctor was patient, she listened to my story (which given the time, I can tell for a while) and recommended a regimen, which included a few light-emitting diode (LED) sessions. I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t know much about LED therapy  but after my initial consultation, a few questions and my homework, I was excited to get started.

In short, the recommended LED treatment involves light being targets at your face from light panels. The therapy alternates between waves of blue and red light, which have different functions. The blue light is used to penetrate the skin and kill off acne causing bacteria and the red lights to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

I went to the boutique during my lunch break. The aesthetician started with a gentle facial, after which she covered my eyes, moved the light panels over my face and turned the LED machine on. The blue light came on first, it lasted for what must have been 10 minutes and then the red light for about 5 min. I felt only a slight warmth to my face, otherwise it was a relaxing experience. I might have even napped for a few minutes.  It was quick, painless and done in time for me to return to work.

Whilst a single session is not enough to see changes in the acne lesions and scars; during the course of the day, my pores appeared smaller, my face less shiny and I had a healthy glow.

Depending on where you go, the average price for a single session is about R450 in Johannesburg, with a potential discount for a number of sessions.

I would love to do at least 6 sessions as recommended, whether my pocket will allow it or not, well that’s a different story.

Have you tried the LED facial? What was your experience?

Thanks for reading and chat soon.


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