Tips on Transitioning to Natural Hair 

You’ve decided to transition, congratulations 🎊. Now you’re wondering what next? How do I handle different textures on my head and when do I decide to chop?

Here are a few tips based on my journey: 

  • Be patient. My natural hair looked deceivingly longer when I was transitioning and when I had my big chop I was left with the teeniest tweeniest afro. Again, be patient. My hair grows slowly and if yours is like mine you might feel slightly discouraged if you compare your hair to other hair types, that seem to transition faster. I suggest you avoid any comparisons to other hair types. We all have our journeys.
  • Choose a protective style that you like and tuck you tresses away every now and then. Here’s one one of my favouritesBox braids
  • Minimise combs and brushes. During the transition phase, your hair is particularly fragile so you want to keep manipulation low.
  • Work on detangling on wash day. When detangling make sure your hair is thoroughly saturated with conditioner or a detangler of your choice.
  • Your chemically treated hair loves all the natural hair products just as much as your natural hair does. There’s no need to use separate shampoos or conditioners on your head. Imagine that level of effort…
  • Be gentle with your hair, sounds silly but it’s true. Treat your crown with love. Massage your scalp with your favorite oils once in a while. Take the time to deep condition.
  • Deciding when to chop is all up to you. It’s not a matter of ‘let me transition for three months and then big chop’. It’s more instinctual. When the time is right, you’ll feel it 😊.
  • Have fun! Take lots of pictures at each phase. I wish I had taken more. Share them or keep them to yourself but take them.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your tips too.

Chat soon,


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