An Ode to the Sisterhood

Its almost the end of August (women’s month in SA) and I cant let it pass without an ode to the many amazing women I cross paths with.

Shall we start with a bit of history? I’ll keep it brief. On the 9th of August, we celebrate National Women’s day in South Africa. This auspicious occasion in commemorates the day on which thousands of women marched upon the Union Buildings (the seat of government) in 1956 to protest unjust pass laws. The laws required South Africans, of African ethnicity to carry special documentation that restricted their freedom of movement. This show of unity from women of diverse backgrounds is celebrated throughout August.

Of course we ought to celebrate women throughout the year, but why not have a month in which women’s issues are at the forefront of conversation, where our achievements are highlighted and our needs are prioritised. So I am taking this opportunity to celebrate the sisterhood, the women that I know to be brave, strong, fun, ambitious, gentle, unwavering, kind and encouraging.

Here’s to you sister honey girl:

  • To you, arriving first in the office and leaving last. We see you pushing your craft.
  • To you, waking up for your 9-5, and rushing off to evening classes after. We see you investing in your career.
  • To you, always holding back tears. Sister, keep fighting.
  • To you, waking up at 3 am to feed your baby. We see you nurturing our future.
  • To you, trying to find your feet and taking each day as it comes. We see your perseverance.
  • To you, looking after your home. We see you building that foundation.
  • To you, rushing to drop your baby off at creche before work, pick her up after, prep dinner for your family, then study for your upcoming exam. We see you sister. How do you do it all?
  • To you, trying and trying, again and again. Sister, keep on.
  • To you, working hard and turning up just as hard. Yaass sister, do both.
  • To you, defying all the odds. Look at you showing us that you can.
  • To you, raising an empire all on your own. We cant thank you enough.
  • To you, you going through the motions, just to stay afloat. We see your bravery.
  • To you, always smiling and encouraging those around you. You are it!
  • To you, going beyond your call of duty. You inspire.

An ode to all the women I know. You are all of the above and so much more. I am inspired by you everyday. Here’s to you.

Thanks for reading and chat soon.


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