Skin deep

An update on my skin woes

If you’ve read my previous posts here and here you’ll know that I have acne prone skin. I’ve been suffering with acne since puberty. I was on heavy prescription medication in my first year of varsity and I hated it. The side effects were terrible. It left my skin dry , itchy, discoloured and no amount of vaseline could moisturise my lips. But I haven’t had a problem since then, aside from the occasional breakout, until this year. 

I broke out terribly a couple of months ago. When I noticed the breaks out, I changed my face care products, used new ones for a couple of weeks and changed again, did this about 3 times before throwing in the towel, realising I was aggravating the situation and seeking professional help.  I was put on a three months treatment course which included; an antibiotic that I took daily, a Retin A cream that I used every alternate night on my whole face and Zineryt (a topical solution) that I used only on the affected areas. The antibiotic was prescribed to fight the acne causing bacteria from the inside, the Retin A to heal the scars caused by my breakouts and reduce new breakouts, and the Zineryt to control inflammation.

There weren’t notable side effects from the antibiotics. However, Zineryt had a slight sting when applied to my skin and both Zineryt and Retin A left my dry and flaky. Fortunately, this passed and I stopped using Zineryt as soon as the inflammation had gone down. I was glad when at my 3 months check up, the dermatologist said I could stop the oral medication. I continue to use the Retin A cream occasionally, about twice a week in the evenings, and Zineryt as a spot treatment for that odd pimple, as recommended.

My skin is not perfect, but it is much better than it was a couple of month ago. I am currently using the Cetaphil DermaControl range for acne prone skin and I am loving the oil control effect that gives my skin a matte finish. I use the wash from this range in the morning and evening, and the moisturise with SPF 30 during the day.  At night I moisturise with Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion for sensitive to oily skin. So far this combination is working well. What are you currently using?

Here’s a before and after snap.

Thanks for reading and chat soon.


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