What about Pre-poo? 

When I big chopped 18 months ago, I was such a dedicated natural. I was doing everything by the book. I did my research and my hair was happy and healthy and most important, it felt hydrated.

Fast forward to May 2017 and life got the better of me. My work life balance went out the window. Now that I’ve taken a breather to centre myself, I am picking up my pre-peo routine once again.

Pre-poo (pre-shampoo) is the process of preparing your hair before you shampoo it, usually with  a nourishing oil or a mixture of oil, conditioner and other yummy hair products that will strengthen and retain moisture in my hair.

How I pre-poo with coconut oil

  1. I place a container of coconut oil in a cup of hot water and let the oil melt and become warm.
  2. I part hair into sections and thoroughly  apply oil from roots through to ends.
  3. I cover my hair with a plastic cap and leave the oil on for about an hour before I wash off with a shampoo, and continue with the rest of my wash day routine

As I am writing this I am happily sitting with a plastic cap on my head and hair smothered in coconut oil.

I also do the same with my Black Jamaican castor oil. I am yet to try a pre-poo with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, maybe i’ll give that a shot. Essentially I am using a hot oil treatment as a prepoo.

*Note to self: leave pre-poo in hair overnight and see if it makes a difference

*Also note to self: mix oil with a conditioner to pre-poo and figure out what my hair prefers

The benefit is that my hair is more hydrated, as it retains moisture as I wash it. Seeing as my hair feels overly dry and somewhat brittle, I am hoping more love and dedication will nurse it back to health.

Chat soon 🙂


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