DIY Face Treatments are not for Everyone

The interwebs are full of everything. Every little thing, short of how to perform your own heart transplant surgery.

In comes…”how to get rid of your acne in 5 days” and because you’re loving all things natural, you decide you’ll try a couple of DIY recipes for your skin. You being me that is. Suffice to say, DIY face treatments are not for everyone and they certainly are not for me.

DIY face mask

I tried it. I tried it all; the tea tree oil, the aloe vera gel, the honey, the tumeric, the apple cider viniger, need I go on? The shrubs, the masks, all.

If anything, I aggravated my skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I think DIY has a place in skin care. Perhaps not for people with problem skin? Or perhaps not on facial skin?  FYI most of the above ingredients work wonders on my hair.

The moral of the story, be careful what you try, especially when in comes to sensitive parts of your body, like your face.

I can’t advocate for the whole wash, tone moisturize beauty routine because it has never worked for me. From one lover of skin care to another, if you have acne prone or problem skin, and you’re in a position to do so, seeking specialist advice is a good approach. And by specialist I do not mean the ladies and gents at the cosmetic’s counter in the department stores.

If you’re not in position to see a specialist, do invest it a gentle cleanser that won’t clog your pores, make sure to remove all your makeup at the end of the day, and keep your skin hydrated with a nongreasy moisturizer. And, drink plenty of water…I struggle with the last one, never been a fan of water. I hope you do better.

I am currently seeing a dermatologist who has given me something suitable for my skin. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Chat soon 🙂


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