Embracing my 4C Natural Hair

Started from the bottom now we’re ‘hair’…started from the bottom now my whole team… 😉. Whew! You’re probably cringing at that (poor Drake),  but I am running low on creative juices. Either way I am doing a lil dance in my head. Let’s get serious.
Natural hair 4cMy natural hair journey was in fact, my inspiration to blog. Rewind to 16 October 2015, the day I big chopped (also my very good friend’s birthday, I hope you’ll get to meet her on my later posts). Here’s what happened, I drove straight to the salon from work, sat on the barber chair and closed my eyes to the sound of scissors on my relaxed strands. I might have shed a lone tear at my own reflection in the mirror and to be honest, I felt a little like a ‘plucked chicken'(strange analogy) but true. I did it!  Cutting my hair was only slightly traumatic, but mostly liberating, exhilarating even 😃.

4c natural hair

Fast forward to present day and I could not be happier. I walk with an extra bounce in my  step and smile inwardly to myself on most days. Best decision.

Chat soon 🙂


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