My Current Hair Routine

Let’s get down to the business of natural hair- taking good care of it. This is in many cases why women are afraid to go natural. I’ve heard it all and I said it all , before I took the plunge:  ‘But it’s so hard’, ‘how do you get a comb through it?’, ‘it’s so sore’, ‘it’s so much work’ and and and… the good news is, it’s not true, none of it. What is true, is that my 4C hair is easily manageable.  At my current length I am using the regimen below for my natural hair care. It was most definitely less effort  when my hair was barely there, but I am loving each phase as I go along. So here goes. 

Wash Day Routine

What I use:

  1. Sulphate free shampoo
  2. Deep conditioner
  3. Leave in conditioner
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  5. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  6. A styling custard or smoothie
  7. Wide toothed comb
  8. Hair bands/grips
  9. Shower cap
  10. Towel

Only 10 items 🙂

What I do:


  1. Using my wide toothed comb, I section hair into four parts and tie each with my hair band or hold each in place with a hair grip. I find it easier to wash small sections of hair at a time
  2. In the shower I saturate hair with water, remove a hair band from one section and apply a generous amount of my sulphate free shampoo. I massage and lather and use the brush to gently detangle, working from the tips, down to the roots before tying the section back up. I repeat the process for 3 remaining sections
  3. Rinse each section thoroughly
  4. I wrap my hair in towel and blot access water (I’ve seen many other naturals say they use an old t-shirt to blot the hair but I haven’t done that yet, feel free to try and let me know how it goes)

Deep Condition

  1. I apply my deep conditioner (DC) to each section,
    cover with my shower cap and go about my business in the house (watch a series if you like) for at least 45 min and rinse it out
  2. Again I towel blot

    Before rinsing out my DC


This is a very important part of my routine because it’s the part that I usually got wrong. I remember smothering my hair in lotions and creams and all the blogs I’ve read warn against this, oiled hair does not equal moisturized hair. I currently use the Liquid, Oil and Cream (LOC) method, (I don’t know who to reference LOC to, if anyone knows, shout).

L– Apply a small amount of leave in conditioner to each section of hair

O– Apply a small amount of EVOO to each section of hair. Use the JBCO on my scalp

C– Use my favourite cream on each section


Because my hair is very coily, it matts easily  so I prefer to complete my wash day by leaving my hair in the four tied sections which I take out in the morning and leave my fro free. Other styles depend on my mood or occasion.

Do you have a routine? What is it?

Chat soon 🙂


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